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CLAYCO Bookstore Management System

- is no longer being supported or being offered as shareware.

New Shareware now being developed in Java and VBasic!

Watch this site for future updates...

Old Shareware source code - (1990's)

(Feel free to download and use. Outdated, but could be helpful to beginners)

CASSIUS.C Sample Cash Register code
CORRECT.C Verify if above data is correct, delete or end
CUSTWORD.C User customized password system (was shareware)
DIAL.C Displays list of clients and dials selected number
LOCK.C Software Security System for CLAYCO (our old method)
LOGO.C Displays the CLAYCO logo on the screen
LOGOLOCK.C Shows the logo and generates the lock
MEDITATE.C Causes computer to meditate (was shareware)
PDRIVE.C Federal Employment Form SF-171 Formatter/Printer
QUICKLAB.C Quick Label printing program (was shareware)
TALK.C Remote Terminal Communications program
TIMEBOMB.C Locking Subroutine for inside DEMOs